Contrail® Online Training Series

Contrail Complimentary Online Live Training Series for Contrail Administrators

Complimentary Online Live Training Series for Contrail® Administrators

OneRain is pleased to offer FREE web-based training sessions to our valued customers! Each live session is aimed at new or experienced Contrail Administrators who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of the software. These sessions also provide the opportunity to learn about any recent updates and enhancements. Note that the training schedule and topics may change from time to time due to the introduction of new features, holidays, or other conflicts.

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Managing Recipients for Automated Alarm Notifications
Contrail's Contacts and Distribution Groups feature makes it easy to organize alarm delivery notifications whether individuals or groups or based on their roles, departments or teams (e.g. flood control, emergency responders, water quality management, field maintenance, etc.). During this training, we'll show you how easily it is to handle changes in personnel or delivery addresses, as well as:

  • How to add new contacts
  • Create groups based on roles, departments or teams (e.g., flood control, emergency responders, water quality, maintenance, etc.)
  • Manage Group members
  • Update, replace or remove a contact
  • Examples of assigning an alarm notification and delivery types


April 27, 2017

Writing Effective Alarms with Contrail's Alarm Manager
You'll learn how to create user-definable rules for alarms to notify via text message and e-mail. Contrail provides a powerful Equation Functions toolset for identifying conditions of interest. Administrators can easily create customized rules to trigger an alarm for any sensor or group of sensors within your program. You can have different message delivered to different people all from the same triggered event—send a short mobile-text message to your on-call staff, send a longer descriptive email to managers that includes Emergency Action Plan (EPA) information, send a message to a different department, or send no message at all.

In this session, we'll write alarms around a number of different scenarios and show tips and shortcuts for making alarm rules based on data from multiple sensors at multiple sites.


May 25, 2017
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