What is RFC?

National Weather Service River Forecast Center

What is WFO?

National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office

What is “NWS”?

National Weather Service

What is “WMS”?

Web Map Services, Internet accessible services that provide map layers. Contrail integrates these services as map layers within the Contrail pan and zoom map display.

What is NEXRAD?

Next Generation Weather Radar

What does “ITS” stand for?

ITS stands for Intelligent Transportation Systems and is the field that all Road Weather solutions fits in with.

What is NTCIP?

NTCIP is National Communications for ITS Protocol.  It is a set of protocols that are defined by a standards body for road weather information systems.

What is RWIS?

RWIS stands for Road Weather Information Systems.

What is ALERT?

ALERT stands for Automated Local Evaluation in Real-Time.  It is a radio protocol developed by the NWS in the late 1970s for transmitting hydrometeorological data.  Some of the hallmarks of ALERT [...]

What is SHEF and why does the NWS want it?

SHEF is the Standard Hydrologic Exchange Format.  This format was defined to give standards to how hydrologic data is exchanged between agencies and computer systems.  The SHEF format is used to [...]

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