Contrail® Server

Contrail Server—a OneRain-hosted virtual server resource running the full version of Contrail Base Station software in our secure industrial data center. Contrail Server is OneRain’s managed and hosted application service edition of Contrail that delivers the full feature set of Contrail Base Station (includes Contrail Analytics and Contrail Inventory Plus). Fixed subscription cost allows you to extend and load it with as many data sources, web views, custom reports, etc., as you require.

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  • Brings all your water, rainfall and weather-related environmental data together in one place.
  • Seamless integration and automated data collection from many sensor types and multiple sources (ALERT/ALERT2, USGS, METAR, RAWS, HADS, CDEC, Tides, Orbcomm, GoData, RWIS, SCADA, Modbus and more…)
  • Supports many users with no special software to install anywhere except on the base station servers
  • 24/7 Web-accessible for both end-users and administrators via laptops, smartphones, tablets…
  • Advanced Alarm Management and event notifications sent via email, text, pager
  • Up-to-the-minute visualization of current conditions – presents data in easy to understand maps, dashboards, charts, graphs and tables
  • High-resolution, custom static maps and pan-and-zoom maps clearly define sensors and their status
  • Map Overlays allows the integration of radar, spatial rainfall, flood inundation, and GIS layers onto your custom maps
  • Point and click drill-down to sensor data
  • Advanced data analysis and reporting tools included—numerous integrated toolsets and reports
  • Customized Early Warnings and Notifications


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Contrail® Base Station

Contrail® Base Station

Contrail Base Station—license our Contrail Enterprise software and run the application locally on your own network and server. The license includes Contrail Analytics and Contrail Inventory Plus, and enables you to collect as many data sources and create as many web site views as you require to meet all your users’ needs.


StormData Real-Time GARRStormData Real-Time GARR

StormData Real-Time GARR

Historical Radar Data Services

OneRain maintains one of, if not the most complete record of historical, nationwide radar archive in the United States. OneRain collects and stores this nationwide radar mosaic every five minutes. Historical records of the mosaics are maintained in OneRain’s nationwide radar archive:

• 2-km x 2km, 15-minute data from 1993 to the present
• 1-km x 1km, 5-minute data from 2002 to the present

Either supplied by the customer or procured by OneRain, local rain gauge data are used to calibrate radar-estimates for specific customer applications using a spatially distributed adjustment process. This process can correct different spatial and temporal errors concurrently over the area of interest.

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